Amazon: Online innovation and growth

Amazon: Online innovation and growth Amazon: Online innovation and growth

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Amazon is leading the way in e-commerce and its rapid growth shows no sign of abating. Over the past five years the company has averaged 32.4% sales growth year-on-year and by 2015 Planet Retail projects that Amazon will be among the Top 10 Global Retailers, from no.31 in 2010.

This report looks at Amazon’s growth and the ways in which the company is innovating to drive its business  forward. In addition to its strength in leisure & entertainment, the company is building a presence in electronics, grocery, health & beauty and clothing. Amazon has also undertaken a number of new ventures over the past year including its first tablet PC, the Kindle Fire.


Table of contents

  1. Amazon's Recent Growth
  2. Strategy
  3. Innovations
  4. Potential
  5. Implications

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Use this report to:

  • Align your strategy with that of the internet retail giant.
  • Understand Amazon's expansion plans and their implications across a number of sectors.
  • Uncover Amazon's strength as an innovator and technological leader.
  • Forecast future growth to 2015.

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