Global Trends & Forecasts, 2013

Global Trends & Forecasts, 2013 Global Trends & Forecasts, 2013

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If 2012 proved anything, it’s that even the world’s largest retailers are not immune to the seismic changes affecting the retail landscape. Companies, which for decades had grown across the globe thanks to a strategy centres around bigger and bigger stores selling more and more products, realised that a number of powerful trends were combining to create an environment which favoured flexibility, innovation and interactivity with ever-more demanding shoppers. For retailers, such as Carrefour and Best Buy, 2012 was a year of trying to realign their businesses to the new landscape.

This year, Planet Retail’s Global Trends & Forecasts, 2013 report has picked out 10 trends set to impact global retail over the next decade. Subtitled Retail Horizons – Looking Forward to 2020, the report picks out the key implications for each trend that all retailers and manufacturers will need to be aware of. Authored by Planet Retail’s global team of Analysts, the report includes best practice examples from around the world.


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  • Evaluate the outlook for 2013 and beyond;
  • Discover the 10 key trends which are driving growth including: Flexibility, Internationalisation of Emerging Market Retailers, Market Polarisation, Nostalgia and Digital Engagement; and
  • Identify the implications for your business in the years ahead.

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