Top 20 Rankings, 2010

Top 20 Rankings, 2010 Top 20 Rankings, 2010

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While the worldwide grocery market did not descend into chaos, 2009 was undoubtedly an extremely tough year for the retail market. In addition, it was a year where many companies looked to consolidate and improve the efficiencies of their current operations rather than blindly expanding.

The electronics, entertainment and office (EEO) sector was hit harder than most, due to the reduction of spending on non-discretionary and big ticket items. However, it was the health and beauty sector which proved resilient with consumers indulging in the occasional small luxuries in a bid to lift the gloom.

This report is based on Planet Retail's Top 20 global and regional grocery, EEO, health and beauty and foodservice rankings for 2009. Using 2009 and 2014 forecast data, the report analyses the winners and losers, identifies rising stars and forecasts any shifts in the rankings over the next five years.

Table of contents

  1. Executive Summary: Retailers sit tight in a difficult year
  2. Global Top 20 Grocery
    • Tesco poised for rapid growth
  3. Western Europe Top 20 Grocery
    • French take over to dominate ranking
  4. Central & Eastern Europe Top 20 Grocery
    • Retailers sit tight before next onslaught
  5. North America Top 20 Grocery
    • Dollar General makes its debut
  6. Latin America Top 20 Grocery
    • Economic crisis had greater impact on local players
  7. Africa & Middle East Top 20 Grocery
    • Expansion and new market entries drive growth
  8. Asia & Oceania Top 20 Grocery
    • Retailers sit tight before next onslaught
  9. Global Top 20 EEO
    • Tough at the top
  10. Global Top 20 HBC
    • Resilience amid economic turbulence
  11. Global Top 20 Foodservice
    • Innovation and internationalisation speeds up

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