Online Supplier Collaboration: The next generation

Online Supplier Collaboration: The next generation Online Supplier Collaboration: The next generation

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Most of the world’s major retailers have followed Walmart’s example and established their own supplier extranet. They aim to streamline communications, improve data quality and negate cost-intensive paper-based transactions. Similar to Walmart’s famous Retail Link, interactive platforms such as CarrefourNet, Tesco Link, Sainsbury’s Touchpoint and Metro Link are now providing suppliers with access to selected information from the retailers’ data treasures.

Now, smaller retailers can also exchange data and core business messages with their suppliers more efficiently using an online platform. However, the challenge for retailers of all sizes is the same – the huge number of suppliers of which a significant amount are small or medium-sized companies that do not have the budgets to install their own complex data analyses infrastructure.

This report takes a closer look at how retailers help their suppliers with data, analyses and optimisation and what they receive in return. It also discusses the opportunity for smaller retailers to deploy online platforms as shared services.

Table of contents

Executive Summary

  1. The retail industry's journey into online collaboration
    1. Walmart's Retail Link and how it changed the industry
    2. The revolution that never happened
    3. Individual extranets instead of consortiums - Metro Link
    4. The renaissance of shared services between retail organisations
    5. Data sharing: The fuel of collaboration
    6. Joint use of loyalty scheme data
    7. Collaborative new product introduction
    8. Next generation EDI
    9. Joint private label product management
    10. CarrefourNet: At a glance
    11. Top solution providers to watch

Reasons to buy

Use this Retail Technology Trend Report to understand how retailers use online platforms to:

  • Improve the quality of product master data;
  • Realise paper-free business processes;
  • Ensure traceability of goods and efficient recalls;
  • Help to jointly optimise promotions and inventory to fight out-of-stocks and overstocks;
  • Increase service levels of suppliers through benchmarking and scorecards;
  • Establish joint business plans even with smaller suppliers;
  • Manage private label products collaboratively; and
  • Streamline the new product introduction process.

About the analyst

Björn Weber
Research Director, Retail Technology
General Manager, Germany

Björn Weber is the Research Director for Retail Technology and General Manager of Planet Retail’s Frankfurt office. Björn specialises in technology and retail logistics in addition to collaboration between trading partners. Before joining Planet Retail in March 2007, he worked as an editor at Lebensmittel Zeitung - the leading German newspaper covering the retail and CPG industry - for seven years. In 2003, Björn was awarded the Karl Theodor Vogel Prize for outstanding technology reporting. Prior to working for Lebensmittel Zeitung, he was an editor at Kompart Verlagsgesellschaft, producing management journals. Björn is a sociology graduate from the J W Goethe University in Frankfurt where he studied social science, jurisprudence and education.

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