What if... India relaxes FDI in retail?

What if... India relaxes FDI in retail? What if... India relaxes FDI in retail?

Executive Opinions

Recognising the importance of foreign direct investment (FDI) in accelerating economic growth, the Indian government initiated economic reforms way back in 1991. However, in the retail sector, FDI is still restricted and most international grocery retailers have been locked out of the market. With further relaxation of the current strict regulations expected in the future, this report looks at the potential impact on retailers, suppliers and consumers.

Reasons to buy

The following questions will be answered:

  • What is the likelihood of FDI being liberalised in the retail sector?
  • If and when the rules are relaxed, what will the opportunities and challenges be for international retailers?
  • How will FDI impact the development and evolution of the Indian retail sector?
  • Will local players gradually see their influence diminish?

About the analyst

Manu Ghai
Retail Analyst

Manu Ghai is a Retail Analyst in emerging markets based in London. Manu has spent several years researching consumer markets and her expertise lies in the in the Middle East grocery scene for countries like India. She often travels to Asia and the Middle East to present to local retailers and visit stores. Manu holds an MBA from the University of East London and is a member of the Retail Industry Professionals network.

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