CIO Interview - Metro Group

CIO Interview - Metro Group CIO Interview - Metro Group

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Sophisticated IT is the backbone of Metro Group’s business strategy. The global retailer is renowned for pioneering new and innovative technology and was one of the first to use forecast-based automated replenishment. In Germany, Metro runs the Future Store Initiative, testing new retail and consumer technologies in its Real Future Store in Tönisvorst, North Rhine-Westphalia.

In January 2011, the store became the first retail outlet in the world to offer product self-scanning with shopper’s iPhones. More recently, it hosted a near field communication (NFC) pilot, the first time a new standard developed by GS1’s Mobile Payment work group has been deployed. Metro is also at the forefront in terms of sophisticated business intelligence with its huge data warehouse and the most advanced retailer in Germany when it comes to the deployment of self-checkouts at its Real hypermarket chain.

Silvester Macho, Metro Group’s Chief Information Officer, is responsible for leading the retailer’s ambitious technology strategy. Planet Retail spoke exclusively with him about his views on and plans for retail technology along with his expectations of IT vendors.

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This CIO Interview provides:

  • The view of Silvester Macho on the retail technology available on the market, the products and the vendors;

  • Insights into Metro Group’s strategies and plans;

  • Detailed information on Metro’s technology deployment and its ongoing IT initiatives; and

  • An overview of the company with key statistics for its banner operations by country.

About the analyst

Sarah Herrlein
Senior Retail Analyst

Sarah Herrlein is a senior analyst, based in Frankfurt. Sarah’s expertise lies in retail technology and logistics along with collaboration between trading partners. Before joining Planet Retail, she studied at the University of Constance in Germany and the University of Florence, Italy. Sarah holds a Master's Degree in public policy and management.

Joachim Pinhammer
Senior Retail Analyst

Joachim Pinhammer is a senior analyst, based in Frankfurt, specialising in retail technology and supply chain trends and collaboration between trading partners. Before joining Planet Retail, Joachim was Wincor Nixdorf's Retail Marketing Director for a decade. He has also held various management positions in sales and marketing at Siemens Nixdorf and Nixdorf Computer AG. Joachim started his business career working for German retailers Peek & Cloppenburg and Karstadt as a department manager after completing a combined study programme at the latter. Joachim qualified at Babson College, Wellesley in the US, through its Entrepreneurial Development Programme.

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