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The Middle East is increasingly on the agenda of the world's leading retailers, as highlighted by the recent announcement that Walmart and Tesco are to enter the region. They will join other global retailers, such as Carrefour, Casino and John Lewis, who are already present and expanding in the region.

However, the fact that Walmart and Tesco will enter the Middle East not through a grocery format, which is their typical method when entering a new geography, but through standalone clothing stores, illustrates the fact the retailers need to have a flexible approach to the region and new thinking. The Middle East is a diverse region with varying levels of retail development and strong existing local players.

In this report, we examine the retail developments and trends redefining the region's retail landscape, as well as looking at the prospects and franchising options for global retailers looking to enter.

Please note:
Planet Retail defines the Middle East as a geographical entity and not a political one. Our database covers 211 geographical countries and non-state territories. Given our coverage, Middle East Trends & Forecasts includes the following countries as categorised by the definitions in our methodology: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Israel and Jordan.

Table of contents

  1. Market Overview
    1. United Arab Emirates
    2. Saudi Arabia
    3. Bahrain
    4. Kuwait
    5. Oman
    6. Qatar
    7. Israel
    8. Jordan
  2. Franchising in the Middle East
  3. Tesco and Walmart enter the Middle East
  4. Key findings & implications

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  • Discover the opportunities for retailers in the Middle East;
  • Understand why global retailers use franchising, and which franchise partners are best placed;
  • Realise the potential for Walmart and Tesco's value clothing ranges; and
  • Pinpoint the unique characteristics of each of the major retail markets in the region.

About the analyst

Manu Ghai
Retail Analyst

Manu Ghai is an analyst specialising in emerging markets, based in London. Manu has spent several years researching consumer markets and her expertise lies in the in the Middle East grocery scene for countries like India. She often travels to Asia and the Middle East to present to local retailers and visit stores. Manu holds an MBA from the University of East London and is a member of the Retail Industry Professionals network.

Isabel Cavill
Senior Retail Analyst

Isabel Cavill is a senior analyst in non-food, based in London, and specialises in clothing and footwear, luxury trends and the department store sector. She has worked as an analyst in the retailing and manufacturing sectors for a number of research companies for nearly a decade. Formerly an apprentice of the Worshipful Company of World Traders, Isabel has a Master's Degree in international trade and transport from London Guildhall University.

David Gray
Retail Analyst

David Gray is a grocery analyst, based in London. David has spent the last four years evaluating trends in the UK and specialises in grocery retailing in the UK and Ireland with a focus on Tesco’s global operations. David regularly features in print and broadcast media and he produces reports, presentations and articles that deliver insight on his areas of expertise. Prior to joining Planet Retail, he worked for market research firm TNS. David holds a BA Joint Honours in geography and history from the University of Leeds in the UK.

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