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In Europe, and to a certain extent the United States, years of struggling general merchandise (GM) sales has meant non-food categories have become a top of mind issue for hypermarket retailers. These have can be something of a ‘double-edged sword’ – non-food buffers retailer profit margins and increases them when times are good but when times are bad they are the first categories to suffer when shoppers cut back on their discretionary spend.

To now succeed in GM, retailers have to differentiate, be margin focused and, of course, still be value providers. However, many other hypermarkets have relied on discount as a point of differentiation in the economic downturn and this has meant that the instore experience has been neglected - a factor that is much needed when it comes to encouraging shoppers to buy non-food.

This report looks at the non-food sector and how retailers are creating opportunities to grow sales within four key categories – home, health & beauty, clothing and consumer electronics.

Table of contents

  1. The importance of private label in the non-food offer
  2. The key drivers, trends and predictions
  3. The future of tiering in non-food
  4. Private label trends by category
  5. Key enablers for non-food private label success
  6. Conclusions & Implications

Reasons to buy

  • Understand the importance of private label in the non-food offer;
  • Identify the trends set to drive growth and key enablers for non-food private label success;
  • Ascertain the future of tiering in non-food; and
  • Discover our unique take with conclusions and implications.

About the analyst

Isabel Cavill
Senior Retail Analyst

Isabel Cavill is a Senior Retail Analyst in non-food, based in London, and specialises in clothing and footwear, luxury trends and the department store sector. She has worked as an analyst in the retailing and manufacturing sectors for a number of research companies for nearly a decade. Formerly an apprentice of the Worshipful Company of World Traders, Isabel has a Master's Degree in international trade and transport from London Guildhall University.

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