Global Retailers Channel Matrix 2016

Global Retailers Channel Matrix 2016 Global Retailers Channel Matrix 2016

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With many global retailers still heavily reliant on the slow-growing hypermarket & superstore channel, leading grocers are looking to diversify and embrace a multi-channel strategy. Understanding and putting in place a response to this shift and changing emphasis from retailers represents a key opportunity for suppliers, and partnering with retailers to provide solutions to help them achieve this transition will increasingly be crucial going forward.

Our 2016 Channel Matrix highlights in visual format the current positioning of the Top 20 global grocery retailers (and Top 10 on a regional level) and their reliance on key bricks-and-mortar channels.

Table of contents

  1.  Why Channel Matrices?
  2.  Top 20 Global Retailers
  3.  Western Europe Matrix
  4.  North America Matrix
  5.  Asia & Oceania Matrix
  6.  Latin America Matrix
  7.  Central Europe Matrix
  8.  Africa & Middle East Matrix

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  • Discover the reliance on grocery channels for leading retailer globally and by region in easy to view slides;
  • Learn which retailers are best positioned to benefit from growth channels – and those which are weakest;
  • Highlight future channel trends and how retailers are evolving to changes in the retail landscape.

About the analyst

Robert Gregory
Global Research Director

Robert Gregory is the Global Research Director and heads up Planet Retail’s Research Team from London. Robert has over a decade’s experience in analysing research trends and is an expert on global trends and the changing retail landscape. He is a regular contributor to a number of publications around the world and speaks at global industry events.

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