Top 10 Market Evolution - Classifying the world’s Top 10  retailers by market development

Top 10 Market Evolution - Classifying the world’s Top 10  retailers by market development Top 10 Market Evolution - Classifying the world’s Top 10  retailers by market development

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As our 2016 Internationalisation of Grocery Retailing report highlighted, the leading grocery retailers are looking to further diversify their international operations while also tapping into growth in new emerging markets. However, what is also clear is that the retailers' strategic goals and priorities vary significantly based on its level of development in each market.

For example, whereas in a new market which has recently been entered the primary aim may be strengthening its physical presence and brand, in a more mature market the focus may be on differentiating in terms of private label, merchandising and digital capabilities. With this in mind, our new Top 10 Market Evolution report looks at four stages of market development and examples of retailers' strategies and related supplier recommendations.

Table of contents

1. Planet Retail's View

2. Methodology

3. Case Studies

  • Walmart
  • Costco
  • Schwarz Group

4. Findings

5. Top 10 Overview

6. Expansion Markets

7. Retailer and Supplier Collaboration

Reasons to buy

  • Discover how the global operations of the world's top 10 largest grocery retailers can be classed by level of development. 
  • Learn the strategies leading retailers are implementing within their markets to expand or defend their presence. 
  • Unlock key recommendations for suppliers to implement for each level of market development. 

About the analyst

Rob Gregory
Global Research Director

Robert Gregory is the Global Research Director and heads up Planet Retail’s Research Team from London. Robert has over a decade’s experience in analysing research trends and is an expert on global trends and the changing retail landscape. He is a regular contributor to a number of publications around the world and speaks at global industry events.

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