Global Trends & Forecasts, 2017 - The quest for scale

Global Trends & Forecasts, 2017 - The quest for scale Global Trends & Forecasts, 2017 - The quest for scale

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Planet Retail’s latest annual Global Trends & Forecasts 2017 report is published at a time of unprecedented disruption right across the global retail industry. With the next five years set to bring the biggest changes the retail sector has ever experienced, this report will give you a deep understanding into how retailers are adapting to this new environment.

This report uses the latest market, channel and retailer data from Planet Retail to illustrate key trends such as the need for scale to thrive online, the proliferation and deepening of alliances as a means of driving efficiencies, the quest for automation (which, long-term, could have big implications for store operations), the ever increasing importance of Big Data and of course diversification across discount and beyond.

Illustrated through charts, best-practice examples and images, Global Trends & Forecasts, 2017 is the must-have report for staying on top of the most important developments now and over the next five to 10 years.

Table of contents

1.    Global Retail Landscape 2017
       STEIP Analysis
       Regional Overview
       Channel Development
       Stores to Visit in 2017
2.    Global Trends
       Scale needed to win online
       Proliferation and deepening of alliances
       The quest for automation and efficiency
       Big Data reaches tipping point
       Diversification across discount and beyond

Reasons to buy

  • Discover 2016’s key events in global retail and how these are driven by STEIP factors;
  • Identify what Planet Retail’s expert team of Analysts predict will be the fastest-growing channels and retailers globally and across all regions over the next five years;
  • Gain a glimpse into the key stores to visit in 2017, helping you align your business with the latest trends in store development;
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the key trends impacting global grocery in the future, including the increasing need for scale and alliances to drive efficiencies, the growing role of Big Data, and need to diversify into new formats and channels; and
  • Learn from the latest examples from the world’s leading retailers around how they are aligning themselves to the latest trends.

About the analyst

David Gray
Senior Retail Analyst - UK & France

David Gray is a Senior Retail Analyst in grocery based in London. David has spent almost a decade evaluating UK trends and now specialises in grocery retailing across the UK and France, with a particular focus on Carrefour and Tesco. David regularly features in print and broadcast media and produces reports, presentations and articles that deliver insight on his areas of expertise. Prior to joining Planet Retail, he worked for market research firm TNS (now Kantar Retail). David holds a BA Joint Honours in Geography and History from the University of Leeds in the UK.

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