Global STEIP 2017/18 - The Future Of Retail

Global STEIP 2017/18 - The Future Of Retail Global STEIP 2017/18 - The Future Of Retail

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In our inaugural Global STEIP annual report for 2017/18, we share our view of the future retail landscape and the drivers of change that will shape it, utilising PlanetRetail RNG’s STEIP framework, proprietary data and insights. 

The retail industry is at a time of unprecedented change, and the decisions and investments that consumer goods and retail businesses make now will determine future winners and losers. This report paints a picture of the future scenario we will operate in and the strategies required to win in it. It is essential reading for anyone looking to future-proof their business by prioritising their growth investments.  

Table of contents


Age Structure / Urbanisation / Multiculturalism / Household Size / Experience vs. Things / Attention Deficits / The Future Societal Landscape
Internet Access / Mobile Devices and Networks / Internet of Things / Voice / Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality / Payment Methods / Blockchain / Artificial Intelligence / Robotics / Autonomous Vehicles and Drones / 3D Printing / The Future Technology Landscape
Consumer Spending / Total Population / Addressable Population / Employment / Income / Infrastructure / Trade Regulations / The Future Economic Landscape
Total Retail Structure / Category Spending Shifts / Chain Retail Growth / Chain Retail Concentration / Channel Composition / Ecommerce Structure / The Rise of Digital Marketplaces / Cross-border Commerce / The Future Industry Landscape
The War on Sugar Intensifies / Climate Change Sentiment Disrupts the Supply Chain / Food Safety Scares Increase Food Costs / Shifting Energy Consumption Transforms Forecourts / Data Security Regulations Increase / Robots Displace Humans in the Back Office / Autonomous Vehicle Regulation Paves Way for Adoption / Labour Forces Softer Brexit / Leadership Transition in Brazil Refreshes Growth / A Sharp Loss of Control in Africa / Political Instability Triggers USA Recession / Rise of China-Russia-Turkey Trade Bloc
Our Future World
PlanetRetail RNG's future scenario

Reasons to buy

  • Identify and analyse drivers of change for scenario planning;
  • Make effective decisions on which markets to invest in;
  • Identify strategies that capitalise on future opportunities; and
  • Prioritise investments and initiatives that will determine future winners and losers.

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