Future Retail Disruption: China STEIP 2018

Future Retail Disruption: China STEIP 2018 Future Retail Disruption: China STEIP 2018

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International FMCG brands not currently selling into China must consider market entry now, or risk missing a historic opportunity. Already the world’s largest food market since 2009, China will overtake the US as the number one retail market in 2019. And with the market set to grow around 9% annually, by 2025 China’s food sales will be three times bigger than the US food market. 

Growth of the population addressable by modern retail is driven by rapid urbanisation and mobile adaptation, while consumer openness to new technologies and their willingness to share data have catapulted China to the forefront of global tech and retail innovation. All this is making China an essential market to watch as retail around the world is facing disruption and brands are scanning the world for growth opportunities.

Table of contents

1. The Future of China
2. Society
3. Technology
4. Economy
5. Industry
6. Policy

Reasons to buy

  • Discover the size of the opportunity no international brand can afford to miss;
  • Understand why traditional routes to market are not enough to succeed in China;
  • Understand the power of China’s domestic platforms and their shift to O2O models;
  • Look at some Chinese-born global best practice in tech, store and fulfilment innovation; and
  • Understand how China plays by different rules than Western free market economies.

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