Walgreens Boots Alliance Omnichannel Retailer Report

Walgreens Boots Alliance Omnichannel Retailer Report Walgreens Boots Alliance Omnichannel Retailer Report

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In this edition of the omnichannel retailer report series, we focus on the world’s leading drugstore retailer, Walgreens Boots Alliance. We cover initiatives and developments across its leading global banners for suppliers already selling into, or seeking opportunities with the retailer. 

Leveraging our recently launched Retail Market Monitor, we analyse the data and forecasts behind the leading drugstore to help suppliers plan for long term opportunities. We use Edge Retail Insight’s winning strategy framework to capture recent Walgreens initiatives, including greater focus on in-store services and experiences, and an expanding online presence. Best-in-class case studies of suppliers working with the drugstore are also highlighted, providing clear recommendations for CPGs wanting to maximise their opportunities going forward.

Table of contents

  1. Mission and Metrics
    Overview and Forecasts
    Supplier Opportunities
    Strategic Priorities
  2. STEIP Drivers of Change
  3. Winning Strategies
    Store of the Future
    Ecommerce & Digital Ecosystem Management
    Supply Chain & Fulfilment
    Shopper Engagement & Retention
  4. Recommendations

Reasons to buy

  • Access the latest global data and forecasts on Walgreens Boots Alliance to help determine where your opportunities lie
  • Discover how Walgreens is building its strategy for the future, including initiatives across its supply chain, retail stores and digital ecosystem
  • Find out what we believe suppliers should be doing to achieve future success with the retailer, leveraging current best-in-class brand examples
  • Acess video demonstrations of some of Walgreens' new digital services and features 

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